scalp micropigmentation removal

One of our most popular services, we offer laser tattoo removal services at our clinic in Caterham.

There are many reasons why you might want to remove a tattoo. Often we get tattoos at a time in our lives when we have a different mindset, attitude and situation, and then as we grow older, we regret the decision we made in times gone by.

Other people want a tattoo removal service because their old tattoo simply isn’t looking its best any more. As the years pass, old tattoos can migrate and age badly, particularly if your skin has changed texture or if you’ve exposed your tattoo to a lot of sun.

Finally, tattoos are often removed because we want a fresh tattoo in that part of our bodies, and a cover-up isn’t really feasible. In most of these cases, the best course of action is to remove the ink and start again. 

As a level 5 accredited laser removal practitioner, I am delighted to offer solution for unwanted body tattoos and permanent makeup that is both safe and effective. Using the latest Q-Switched ND YAG lasers, we are able to safely remove most tattoos with very little downtime or damage to skin.

Body Tattoos are generally deep within the skin and often saturated with ink, therefore we need to assess your tattoo and monitor progress after each session before we know how many sessions will be required. If you’re covering up the old tattoo with a new one, often fewer removal sessions are required.

Our laser shatters the ink particles to allow your lymphatic system to remove the particles from the area. This is why a time delay between sessions is so important. To get the best results you must give your body time to do what it does best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laser Removal Hurt?

It isn’t the most comfortable procedure but it is quick! In most cases it is a sharp snapping sensation that is more than bearable.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

In most cases, tattoos are relatively simple to remove but require multiple sessions with a 8 week gap between. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule so it is wise to consider that you may need more sessions, depending on skin tone, ink depth and quality of the work.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Body tattoo removal starts at £50 for a 1inch square and are priced based on the size.

Can I Have A New Tattoo After Laser?

Yes! But you do need to give your skin time to heal…. We recommend correction work after 12 weeks of healing for best results.

Will It Damage My Skin Or Body Hair?

In most cases NO! Directly after treatment you may find the hair turns white as it is singed by the laser, but it will regrow. In some cases you may be asked to shave but generally we can work through the hair. Laser removal does not damage the skin, as long as you visit an experienced and qualified removal specialist, like you can expect at our clinic in Caterham.

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